Kathy Bay
As an award winning, prolific artist Kathy creates visually stunning and imaginative works on paper, canvas, and steel. Designs are often rendered with collage for added interest and dimension. 
Her work has been selected for numerous juried exhibitions and are in private collections in Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, California, New York, Maryland, and Washington. 
Public and Corporate Collections include:
Central Arkansas Library, The Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute, Baptist Hospital, Arc-Best Corporation, Uniti Group Inc., Westlake Corporate Park, and many private offices and small businesses throughout the U.S.
She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art. Kathy has taught collage workshops, adult and children painting classes at the Arkansas Arts Center and high school studio art and art history.
Artist Statement
I create visually stunning, imaginative works on paper, canvas, and metal through bold use of color, strong design, and an enthusiastic approach to painting. Richly layered colorful passages are the interwoven components that energize my paintings. I seek to capture a unique representation of landscape through abstraction in my exploration of color, line, texture and collage. The thrill of exploration of color relationships satisfy my passionate endeavors of painting and offer finished works that exude emergy. 
Juried Exhibitions
● 1998 41st Delta Exhibition 
● 1998 Watercolor USA 
● 2000 43rd Delta Exhibition 
● 2000 Women In The Arts/ Arkansas 
● 2001 Mid-Southern Watercolorists 
● 2004 Mid-Southern Watercolorists 
● 2004 Watercolor USA* 
● 2005 Mid-Southern Watercolorists* 
● 2006 Mid-Southern Watercolorists 
● 2006 Watercolor USA* 
● 2008 MOAK Exhibition 
● 2008 Mid-Southern Watercolorists 
● 2008 National Watercolor Society 
● 2009 Mid-Southern Watercolorists 
● 2009 Watercolor USA 
● 2010 Delta Exhibition* 
● 2010 Watercolor USA 
● 2011 Artist of North West Arkansas Exhibition 
● 2011 Delta Exhibition 
● 2011 Mid-Southern Watercolorists 
● 2012 Watercolor USA 
● 2012 Mid-Southern Watercolorists 
● 2013 Delta Exhibition 
● 2013 Artist of North West Arkansas Exhibition 
● 2015 Missouri Watercolor Society 
● 2016 Mid-Southern Watercolorists* 
● 2017 Watercolor USA 
● 2018 Small works on paper
● 2019 Watercolor USA  

● The National Museum of Women in th Arts 
● Watercolor USA Honor Society 
● Mid-Southern Watercolorists 
● Arkansas Arts Center 
● Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art 
Signature Memberships
● Mid- Southern Watercolorists (MSW) 
● National Watercolor Society (NWS)